Musical Instruments of Assam


Dhol (A double-sided barrel drum played using two wooden sticks, usually made out of bamboo and cane wood),

Khol (Aterracotta two-sided drum. One of the sides of the khol is much smaller than the other. Both sides are covered with naturally dead cow or goat skin),

Mridanga (A double-sided drum. The two mouths or apertures of the drum are covered with a goat skin leather and laced to each other with leather straps around the circumference of drum.),

Nagera (A single sided drum),

Dogor (A small drum)

Madol (Adouble sided drum)

Cymbals and Percussions

Gogona(A vibrating reed instrument),

Taal (A percussion instrument made of Bell Metal),

Toka (A bamboo clapper),

Pipe or Blowing Instruments

Pepa (A pipe instrument made from a buffalo horn),

Xutuli(A pipe instrument made from clay),

Baanhi (Flute made from Bamboo)

String Instruments

Dotara (A four stringed instrument made out of mostly neem or other species of hardwood and of thick cotton strings or more popularly of catgut, giving it a more bass timbre.)

Ektara (A single stringeg instrument)