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Shergaon Trip by OK North East
Do you want to be a part of OK North East's expedition to one of the most beautiful villages in Asia? OK North East now brings to you an amazing adventurous journey to Shergaon in Arunachal Pradesh near Rupa. Travel, stay and food for 3 days and 2 nights for just Rs 3950* per person. There are many more surprises in the bag. First come, first serve basis. Maximum number of 6 people can be accommodated in one homestay with 3 bedrooms. This is going to be a farm-stay with a very loving family with home-cooked meals as well as local wine, snacks, music and lots of stories from the past.


◾️ Per person: ₹3950

The cost includes:
☑️ Stay for 2 nights at Red Berry Riverview Homestay in Shergaon.

1️⃣ Arrival day: Lunch 2️⃣ 2nd day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner 3️⃣ 3rd day: Breakfast and lunch

☑️ Guide for 2 days: 2nd and 3rd day

(Contact +91 75780 13817 or +91 91012 12782 for more details or if you want to increase the number of days.)


🎏 A total experience of the village life of the Sherdukpen community

✔️ Stay at Red Berry Riverview Homestay - Shergaon
✔️ All meals, mostly in traditional style
✔️ Complimentary homemade traditional beverages
✔️ Visit to Chillipam Monastery in Rupa
✔️ Visit to Lhagyala Gompa Domkho in Morshing, Sanglem
✔️ Visit to apple, kiwi and other orchards
✔️ Trek to Choskorong Waterfall (for young people)
✔️ Adventure trek to Choskorong forest (for young people)
✔️ Morning walks through the heritage village of the Sherdukpen tribe and farm lands
✔️ Day outing & picnic near the river
✔️ Meditation time in the hills
✔️ Evening Storytelling sessions by local storytellers
✔️ Swimming and community fishing in the river**


1st Day

Leaving Guwahati at 7 AM.
Having breakfast on the way.
Reaching Arunachal at 1:30 PM.
Having Lunch.
Visiting the apple and kiwi orchards.
Taking a stroll through the heritage village in the evening.
Sipping on local wine and snacks.
Dinner between 8:30 and 10:30 PM.

2nd Day

Morning walk through village.
Breakfast by 9 AM.
A trip to Chillipam Gompa.
Lunch at 1 PM.
A trip to the Lhagyala Gompa Domkho in Morshing, Sanglem.
Hi-tea at 5 PM.
Stories and music time sipping local wine.
Dinner between 8:30 and 10:30 PM.

3rd Day

Bed tea.
Morning walk near the river.
Breakfast by 8:30 AM.
A trip to the Choskorong forest. (not for elderly people and children)
Picnic near Choskorong waterfall.
Lunch at 1 PM.
Returning to Guwahati at 2 PM.
Reaching Guwahati by 8 PM.

Few of the optional trips with extra charges

A trip to the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (70 kms) for Rs 2000/person. (Depending on the weather)
A forest safari (3 hrs with package food and water) for Rs 2500/person. (Depending on the weather)
Tent stay for Rs 1000 for 2 guests.


The Red Berry Riverview Homestay by OK North East is located in Shergaon, the village of the Sherdukpen community in Arunachal Pradesh. There are lot of open spaces with a garden. The hosts are involved in farming and one can taste the home grown vegetables and fruits. The hosts stay in the same house and guests will have to share the dining room as well as other shared spaces with the homestay owner and other members of the house. More about the homestay here.


There are 3 bedrooms for guests.

Room 1: Queen Size bed with space for extra mattresses.
Room 2: Queen Size bed.
Room 3: Single bed with space for extra mattresses.

For more than 5 guests extra mattresses will be provided. No mosquitoes in general but carrying Odomos is advisable. One can stay in the tent outside if looking for privacy for an extra cost of Rs 1000 per night for 2 people.


2 shared bathrooms for max 8 people. One bathroom is western styled and another Indian styled. Both are equipped with geysers and shower. Buckets and mugs will also be provided.


Apart from local made wine in the evenings, the food will include local made traditional dishes prepared by the host and her staff.
Breakfast (2 days) - 2nd and 3rd morning.
Lunch (3 days) - 1st, 2nd and 3rd day.
Dinner (2 days) - 1st and 2nd night.


Contact +91 75780 13817


Maximum 8 people

Travel Vehicle (will be provided for extra cost)

Mahindra KUV 100 and Tata Nano


Guwahati to Shergaon - 231 kms
Tezpur to Shergaon - 186 kms
Bhalukpung to Shergaon - 129 kms
Shergaon to Dirang - 100 kms
Shergaon to Tawang - 230 kms
Shergaon to Bomdila - 60 kms
Shergaon to Rupa - 25 kms


Guwahati to Shergaon way: 231 kms
Guwahati-Udalguri-Bhairabkunda-Balemu (check gate for ILP)-Kalaktang-Shergaon

For information and booking contact

📞 (91) 75780 13817 or (91) 99865 73253 or (91) 80114 31817 or click on the button below.


🔹 The West Kameng district tourism office has adopted Shergaon as Model Village to promote rural and eco-tourism in the district.
🔹 Shergaon has 149 varieties of bird species.
🔹 Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is just next to Shergaon.
🔹 Apple, Kiwi and different berry orchards are famous in Shergaon.
🔹 One can find more than 17 varieties of apples. Golden apple, Red Delicious and Maharaji are some of the popular varieties.
🔹 Walnut, plum, chestnut, peach, cherry, pear, pomegranate, kiwi etc. are grown abundantly.
🔹 Shergaon is the village of the Sherdukpen community, an ethnic group related to both the Aka and Monpa.
🔹 Sherdukpen community has a total population of 4,200.
🔹 Shergaon has around 100 houses.

Red Berry Riverview Homestay by OK North East, Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Red Berry Riverview Homestay by OK North East, Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Trans Himalayan Highway in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Places to visit in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Waterfall in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh
Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh trip by OK! North East

Photos by Prabal Gogoi & Jim Ankan Deka

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