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Welcome to OK! North East

Few like minded young people created OK North East in 2015 after exploring the untouched places in North-East India trying countless delicacies of the local tribes and communities and their warm hospitality. Coming home, they were inspired to offer the same warm space to the travellers.


Ok, so, why 'who is' and not 'what is'? The team behind OK! North East believes that it is not a company but a child who is going to build a world of sustainability, a world of helping hands and smiling faces and a world of peace and tranquility. The idea started sometime in 2008 to preserve the nature and the age old traditions of North-East India as well as helping backpackers and tourists travel across North-east like a local. With that in mind, the team started the first page on Facebook dedicated to the North-eastern region of India. The page kept on giving information about the culture, people and the amazing facts of the North-east. In 2017, few like minded people, who left their corporate jobs, joined hands to form a group which dedicatedly nurtured the ideologies of the child called OK! North East.

The team travelled extensively through different states of the North-east to understand the biodiversity, ecosystem, as well as different culture and behavior of each place. They connected with the farmers, potters, hunters other people with different occupations and made them aware of preserving the nature and cleanliness. The team also taught them about agrotourism and the benefits of keeping the nature as it is while finding other sources of income which would eventually be more beneficial than destroying the nature for money. Soon, the team started working on different projects which involved homestays, farm-stays and campsites in not-very-well-known to unexplored, untouched places.

The OK! North East team is presently engaged in different activities in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya. As of now the team is working on creating farm-stays in rural areas for tourists and travellers by adopting villages. The team is regularly organising soft skill and life-skill training sessions for the locals as well as different events especially designed for farmers to showcase their products to the tourists. Apart from that, they are also helping out housewives mainly in the urban areas to set up homestay rooms and guesthouses within their boundaries for backpackers and budget travellers. The team has taken up special tour projects for adventure lovers and people who are looking for a relaxing time away from the daily routine.

The main motto of OK! North East is to allow a visitor to ‘live like a local’! From Tailor-Made itineraries to experiencing a place like a local, OK North East is adding a big dollop of imagination to the process of booking an adventure or experience trip or an accommodation at a stunning yet unexplored place in the Northeast of India. At the same time, we are also working constantly on empowering the locals, preserving forests and natural flora and fauna. The team believes that the hills, forests and rivers are the bloodline of North-east India. If we work on keeping it safe and sound, the people will always be protected by the energy of nature.

OK! North East has been offering details and facts about experience trips, adventure trips, activities as well as providing homestays, farm-stays, guest houses, tourist lodges, camp sites, huts, resorts, hotels, inns and other places to stay in the eight states of North East India to Indian and foreign tourists. The company offers free travel tools and information to help travellers before, during and after their trip. Whether a tent for a night, a homestay for few days, a guest house for a week, or a farm-stay for a month, OK! North East connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 200 villages and cities in and around Northeast.

Every experience or accommodation provided by OK! North East is first hand. Our team goes to all the locations and experience the amazing places and activities themselves before we open those for visitors to book. So, you can be absolutely free from any doubt for safety and comfort.

At present OK! North East has offices in Guwahati (Assam), Bangalore (Karnataka) and Umiam (Meghalaya). Contact Us for more.


✔️ Special romantic trips for couples
✔️ Adventure trips
✔️ Adventure trips for bikers
✔️ Off-roading trips
✔️ Yoga & Meditation trips
✔️ Detoxification & relaxing trips
✔️ Lifeskill training trips
✔️ Softskill training for corporate
✔️ Farm & Village stays
✔️ Homestays & Resorts
✔️ Camping & Tree-houses
✔️ Ethnic food & musical evenings
✔️ Story telling sessions
✔️ Community fishing
✔️ Rock-climbing & cycling


Why be just a traveler? With OK! North East, BE A STORYTELLER.

OK! North East Media House

For over a decade now, the media team at OK! North East has been helping celebrities and companies with digital and online marketing strategies.
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OK! North East has a team of experts, designers and developers trained in the hospitality, creative and digital industries who offer a bespoke, professional and trustworthy service.

Debjani Hazarika
Prabal Gogoi
Darshana Baruah
Naren Hazarika
Ankur Deka
Jim Ankan Deka

OK! North East is supported by Eastern Fare, Music Malt, Purple Trope, Jenie's Mascara, Everything Outdoor NE and By The Way.

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North-East India

North East India - a colligation of eight states of India which includes Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. Northeast India is the picturesque land of hills and plains with exuberant green cover and a wide variety or rare and exotic flora and fauna. It is also the land of diverse tribes, communities and cultures.

North-East India Website & Page on Facebook

An initiative of Eastern Fare Music Foundation, the North-East India website and the page on Facebook was founded in July, 2009. It was Jim Ankan Deka, an Assamese musician and photographer and his team’s love for North East that gave forth to the creation of this popular page on Facebook as well as the informative site. With regular updates of imperative, fun and frolicky facts about the North Eastern Corner of India, both the site and the Facebook page also focuses on significant travel destinations and esteemed North Eastern personalities to a world-wide audience. This service is provided by the Eastern Fare team completely free of charge.

(More information on - http://easternfare.com/north-east-india-on-facebook.htm)

Eastern Fare Music Foundation

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is one of the India’s foremost independent music schools. At present Eastern Fare operates in Guwahati and Bangalore providing training to over a thousand students. Eastern Fare’s holistic approach to music education is dedicated to the artistic development of talented and promising musicians.

In 2009, Eastern Fare opened a club called Eastern Fare Music Club for music enthusiasts and to develop the expressive potential of the students besides encouraging their technical know-how of music. The club is equipped with a state-of the art jamming room and two semi-Acoustic studios. The studios are also available for commercial services like composing and arranging musical scores for Television and Film production, Voice Over recording and editing.

‘Count Your Blessings’ (CYB), a philanthropic initiative by Eastern Fare Music Club was established in October, 2010. The members of this initiative focus mainly on blood donation camps, donation to non-profit organizations, visiting slum areas and giving aid, giving education to underprivileged children and visiting senior citizens home and orphanage in recognition of their social responsibilities.

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