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Welcome to MeetChief!

The first Startup Founders' Community of North-East India

Few like minded young people created the community 'MeetChief' in 2020 after exploring the endless opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship. The team tried countless delicacies of the local restaurants and experienced amazing business ideas of the local people of North-East India. Coming home, they were inspired to offer a warm space to the creative founders of different startups where they can meet, ideate and help each other to grow in their respective fields.

'Chief' means a leader and the team believes that every business-woman or man has the potentiality to be a leader, a responsible person, who can help her/his community to grow. So, through this platform, we are going to Meet the Chiefs of different background and learn from them and convert ourselves to become awesome Chiefs of our own communities.

MeetChief Events!

Startup Growth Networking Meetup

Specially designed regular meetup sessions for entrepreneurs and startup founders in North East India with a focus to create a platform where everyone can help each other grow in their respective fields, discuss about the latest updates in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as dedicate some time for community services. The meetups are generally attended by like-minded and interesting people with skills in varied domains. Register below to keep yourself updated regarding the upcoming meetups and events.

The MeetChief Meetups are powered by OK North East, Pocket Friendly Productions and JM Design Studio.


MeetChief - 2nd Guwahati Startup Growth Networking Meetup

Networking event in Gauhati, India by OK North East and 2 others on Sunday, February 9 2020

GUWAHATI 'MeetChief' MEETUPVenue: Debojani Ashralaya Travellers Hostel by OK! North East, House No 20, Nayan Nagar, Mathgharia, Forest Gate, Guwahati, Assam 781026

If you are an enthusiastic startup founder and want to meet like-minded people to discuss and grow in your field, do connect with us and we will keep you updated about our upcoming meetup events.

Whatsapp @ 7578013817

MeetChief Community of North-East India

Past Events!

First Guwahati Startup Growth Networking Meetup

The first 'Guwahati Startup Growth Networking Meetup' was organized by OK North East in association with eChai & Pocket Friendly Productions on Jan 18, 2020. More about the event here.