WOW - Wonderful Women | an entrepreneurial initiative for women from North East India

WOW (Wonderful Women) - an initiative by OK North East

In 2019, OK North East had started a new programme called WOW (Wonderful Women). With this initiative, the team have started working with housewives and female entrepreneurs in both cities and villages by providing them with soft skills training to host international, as well as, domestic guests and helping them to set up their houses as homestays and travellers' hostels.

Till December, 2019, OK North East has managed to set up 2 homestays in Doimara and Shergaon villages in Arunachal Pradesh and 3 homestays and a traveller's hostel in Guwahati. In the coming days the team will be helping out more women to come forward to setting up a business model which have been, until now, dominated by male.

OK North East is also planning to train the present women, who have been a part of this program, to set up 'self help groups' so that they themselves can start their own system of farm-stays and homestays.

'Nibha's Nest' is our 3rd homestay in Guwahati under WOW and we are all excited to see the initiative growing.

For more info regarding WOW, or if you want to be a part of this initiative, Contact US.