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Do you have a beautiful travel video or a music video or an art video? Are you looking for followers on Facebook, Instagram or other social-media platforms? Well, OK North East is here to help and guide you!

Facebook is one of the most effective ways for artists and musicians to connect with listeners and potential followers. OK North East brings different marketing strategies for musicians and artists to get connected with all the right people on any device with Facebook and Instagram. OK North East mainly promotes artists from North East India or artworks or music related to North East India. The OK North East has over 2,50,000 followers through different social media hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest. A shout out by OK North East about your music video or your Facebook Page through our platforms can be quite beneficial to get viewers and followers. If you think you're special in your field, you might want to take a look at the promising collaboration with OK North East.

Digital Facebook Marketing for Artists and Musicians by OK North East

Videos shared on OK North East page on Facebook are getting millions of views. Watch a video of Visedelhou Terhiija from Nagaland performing live at an event in Mizoram, which has got over 3 million views on Facebook.

Singers and bands are getting their due recognition too. Watch a video of a singer from Arunachal Pradesh which crossed 100,000 views in just 4 days of posting.

What can we do to help you in achieving your goals?

Our Platforms

🔸 Facebook Page of OK North East: with over 1,60,000 followers
🔹 Facebook Group - North-East India: with over 60,000 members
🔸 Twitter Handle: with over 15,000 followers
🔹 Instagram Profile: with over 5000 followers

✔️ Video Shout Out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

The videos about music and art shared by OK North East on Facebook, YouTube or other platforms have received millions of views. Our followers can be engaged with a b-roll or short video or a music video. Check this video on our Facebook page.

🔹 For a nominal fee of Rs 800, we can create an engaging post with your video on our Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Twitter handle.

Fill up the form below to send us your work for consideration.

✔️ Five Facebook Engaging Posts

Our posts are quite engaging and get more views and likes compared to many other pages on Facebook. We can post 5 posts in 15 days about your Facebook Page or a Music Video that you have recently released and give you the boost you have always needed. The posts can be combination of videos, links, photos and posters. Our team will create engaging posts from the content you provide.

Fee: Rs 3500

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✔️ Facebook Paid Promotions

If you want to reach more people, we can 'boost' the post related to your company, depending on how much you want to spend. For eg, a boost of Rs 100 can give you additional 3000 views (approximately and if you target worldwide). A facebook post can garner upto 200 likes for a boost of Rs 200 (approx). This paid promotion is in addition to the regular posts that we will be sharing.

Fee: Rs 100 (for paid promotion of an already published post)

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✔️ Creating a B-Roll of your artwork/company or A Music Video

We have expert videographers, editors and equipments to create a b-roll video or Video Ad (generally of 40 secs to 1 minute 30 seconds) of your artwork or your company or institute. We also have experts to create a music video of your recently released song. We can help you with online video advertising campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. For musicians - We can also help you distribute your music worldwide - including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Gaana.com etc.

Fee: Depending on the project. Please write to info@oknortheast.com for more.


Send your content to us for consideration by filling up the form below. Do note, it might take couple of days to weeks before we consider promoting your content. If your video is found interesting by our editors to be uploaded & shared through our platforms, we will get in touch with you. You need to be the copyright holder of the video you are sharing with us. Also, a video should be minimum of 2 min 45 secs of duration. Videos shorter than 2:45 minutes will be rejected.

WhatsApp us at 75780 13817 the following details.


1. Your Name


2. Email ID


3. Name of the video you want to share


4. Link of the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.


5. Complete postal address.


6. Phone number where we can reach you.

Note: The videos submitted to us will be published with a watermark of the OK North East logo.

Promoting your art or music or brand is equally important as having great content. One cannot do with just the either of the two. We at OK North East understand what sort of difficulty you had been through before establishing yourself and your talent. We are here to help you with different ideas to promote and market your brand. We are always open to discussions regarding different marketing possibilities. Do reach out to us at +91 75780 13817 or write to us at info@oknortheast.com and we will create a bonding between you and your potential clients/customers.


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