Linda Rydland's PhotoLinda Rydland

With Jim, Jenie and their family, we had a very good time. A wonderful family with a genuine and hearty hospitality. Jim and Jenie have been very helpful. Jim has quite a bit of knowledge about the Northeastern states. He can inform you about where to go and how. He and his family made us comfortable and gave us a lot of attention to our needs. We appreciate for all that they have done for us. We have received a lot from them, especially the generosity and unconditional love. Dear Jim and Jenie, we will never forget you! LOTS OF LOVE FROM LINDA AND ANAND.

Linda Rydland's PhotoRico Reißmann

I spent few days at Jim's guesthouse "OK! North East" in Guwahati. Located at a quiet area in the city, the guesthouse is very well maintained and clean. A lounge with TV and a kitchen made it very comfortable. Entertainment venues and restaurants are located within ten minutes walk. Jim is a very open minded and correct person. He and his friends cared a lot for me and we had great evenings. He also gave me lots of good advice for my further itinerary.

Andrew Crouch's PhotoAndrew Crouch

What a jem of a guy! I met Jim and Jenie by chance and we ended having an incredible time together. They are fun loving, kind and generous people and are a gorgeous testament to the Northeast of india. They exquisitely uncovered the true beauty of Assamese culture before my very eyes. Friends I will cherish forever.

Arindam Bortamuly's PhotoArindam Bortamuly

OK Northeast is a great place, it's near Gandhi Mandap, a place very good for jogging. It's also near a lot of restaurants. Loved it. Me and my girlfriend cooked together the breakfast, the kitchen had a lot of inventory which made us feel at home.

Jordy Salaam's PhotoJordy Salaam

Spending time with Jim felt like a great way to know further about both an intriguing person and the space he loves and knows very well. Basically I wound up staying with both Jim and Jenie so it is hard to speak of one without the other as they are one of those harmonious and united couples who complement each other very well. Jim and I spoke of a wide variety of topics. It is easy to admire his good nature and independent spirit as he lives life according to his heart and what feels right. All we did together was quite satisfying and engaging and I definitely recommend meeting and staying with them if you ever have the chance.

Ajay Chavan's PhotoAjay Chavan

It was great staying up with Jim He made awesome breakfast for us. We were served home cooked dinner too. The elderly are humble people and made sure we are taken care of. Jim's company OK North east also takes care of Cafe Umbir, a resort near Barapani, Shillong. Food there was good.

Malinda Crichton's PhotoMalinda Crichton

Had a fabulous experience staying with Jim! I was invited along everywhere and got to experience many cultural events and get togethers with Jim and his friends! From a women-only car racing event to a college battle of the bands event Jim was judging to a bachelor party by the river, I was welcomed and treated as a respected guest. Was an amazing cultural experience I will never forget! And, of course, the home-cooked food was amazing!! There were times when we had discussions about our experiences and viewpoints. Overall, it was a great experience!!

Upakul Talukdar's PhotoUpakul Talukdar

Excellent host and home ready. Loved the home decorations, ambience and its a quiet society. The breakfast was really nice and I recommend OK North East guest house to anyone visiting Guwahati.

Akshita Kanthala's PhotoAkshita Kanthala

Perfect place to crash for a night in Guwahati! Pretty close to bus stop and railway station.