Bamboo from Assam at the Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi

The Tree of Knowledge
(From Bhagyajit Bhuyan's Album)

Bamboo from Assam, the motif from Kashmir and weavers from Andhra Pradesh have gone into making the awe inspiring 'TREE OF KNOWLEDGE' - the installation which was featured on the AEROSTAT (the largest ever helium balloon used for such an event) @ the spectacular opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Created by designer Madhu Jain and actor-model Milind Soman as part of Project M (set up in 2003 to breathe life into India's handmade crafts and textile industry),the installation has been inspired by the Chinar tree commonly found in the Kashmir Valley, showcased the country's fading craft traditions and old textiles woven in as many as 25 panels, putting together to create a 110-foot-high, 40-inch-wide tree trunk!