Dr. Bhupen Hazarika - a Tribute by Biswarupa Borthakur Goswami

Tribute of a layman

I know no music, neither writing nor poems,
I am a layman,
Not even worth of praising a soul like you,
But yes, I am a true Assamese,
Who loves her land, her native, and those songs of the native.

Your role have been immense,
You were sharp, intellectual, and energetic;
Also were you honest, truthful and straightforward,
I could do nothing, but praise;
As I am a layman,
I know no literature, neither lyrics nor rhythm.

That energy evolved from the “The Same Boat Brothers……”
Which could make a layman sing, ..sing aloud…..
“aami eke khon naworei jatri, xohojatri”,
That rhythm, the vibration, that spirit,
Will not be felt again.
Those words of “bisaron moromor maat exar”,
Will not evolve again.

I can do nothing, but just praise,
I pray if I can do something someday for this native,
If I am bestowed upon the strength to carry forward
…..a few words of yours,
If I can be of any help to my Assam,
If I can make your dream of that pure, green,
…and bright Assam coming true,

You have done immense….
And now, you rest.
You rest in peace.
It is our work now to take this native forward.
I pray at this day,
“Bestow upon strength to this generation…
…to make your dreams come true.

I repeat, I am a layman,
And I am unworthy to praise a soul like you,
But the feelings…!! Where should I dump these?
Thus I beg your pardon for any mistake.
And accept this tribute by a layman!

Biswarupa Borthakur Goswami
Jorhat / Chennai