Dr. Bhupen Hazarika - a Tribute by Moloy Bora

Dr Bhupen Hazarika, the legend, touched me personally.

Neither am I man of song or letters or among the rich and powerful. But Bhupen Hazarika's last ride to his final resting place was like the end of a personal journey for me.

A Journey which began when, as a 3 year old in in Kachari field Jorhat, I saw him singing and my parents going ga ga over his songs. We had a 33 RPM long record player. The first long player I ever saw. Later, he used to visit our place in Shillong and time would fly over drink breaks into songs and into early mornings. My mother used to serve 'pakoras' as the Jalsa progressed. I and my little sister would peer into the room hiding behind the curtains, quite sleepy and being forced to wake up to his songs, while my enthusiastic mother by his side.

He used to call us out. We would get scared as we considered him as 'Modopi Manuh'. Last I saw him about 10 days before his departure from this world in Kokila ben Hospital, Mumbai (thanks to my good friend and colleague Mr Debasish Sharma). He really looked frail and exhausted and ready to be set free to be on his way as Jajabor, wandering across the universe. God soon gave him his wish.

Thus as a govt officer making the arrangements for the funeral I was my way to the funeral site that day early morning. But I took a detour up towards Kamakhya hill to pray for this great soul. And as the sleeping city of Guwahati woke up to a new day, the eternal Sun came out with the radiance and the veil of fog over the city glittered as a universal shroud for this lover of Assam’s beauty which he immortalized through his songs. Again at the pyre I became a little boy again peering at the huge crowd of famous, powerful as well as common folk. The pyre became that curtain from where I used to peer four decades ago.

Great bard... today please be free to go forth as the brightest streak of light from the valley of Burha luit. But look upon us with your goodness and indomitable spirit so that we all become little Bhupens with feelings for humanity and the world around us.

-by Moloy Bora, ACS
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