Dr. Bhupen Hazarika - a Tribute by Sanjukta Barooah

The Death of the Last Balladeer

Artist - Trinayan Bora
O' sun, you brought forth a majestically glum day

An unfortunate day in the history of Assam

The balladeer who kept our land shining in this Universe- you took him away

The mighty Brahmaputra has lost it's gleam today

He laments, his most faithful friend will not walk on his banks anymore

A darkness hovering over us, like the Sword of Damocles

Cold and damp hands meeting every man in the vicinity

Great pain gripping every living soul to comprehend mysterious life

Crying howling people in the streets, not able to accept the end of the bard

Grey clouds drifting all over the city

I plead- go away go away, don't take him away

He's our guiding light, we follow his footsteps

Listen listen, to his voice

Did you listen to it?

The strange desire to see him alive

It is unwillingly, we accept his departure

Strange stillness has engulfed this moment of time

A deep sadness strewn over the earth

Hearts carry the colossal weight of loss

We are left behind with the truth of life

How do you fathom the life of a great artist?

His clamourous feelings, the voice of the farmers

His lyrics carry grave and grieving words strung beautifully like a pearl necklace

It continues to ring in our ears his songs

"If people don't comprehend people who will"

Another- without a trace of vanity

"We are on the same boat brother"

All his duties complete till this point

A true son of the soil

Peacefully gone into slumber on his motherland's lap...

-by Sanjukta Barooah