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Naga Shawls - the Colours of North-East

Nagaland Shawls (Naga Shawls) - are the most prominent items of Naga dressing. Every major tribe of Nagaland has its own unique shawl pattern that depicts its unparalled design and color.

The traditional occupation and art of Nagaland is weaving of clothes. The exquisite design and pattern of weaving is revealed through different shawls weaved by them. Every major tribe of Nagaland has its own unique shawl pattern that depicts its unparalled design and color. Each tribal shawl is different from the other. Besides, there are varieties and sub-varieties of shawls in every group.

The warrior shawl of Ao tribe is called the Tsungkotepsu. This shawl generally contains the figures of tiger, elephant, mithun, human head, cock, Dao and spear. Another warrior shawl is the Sangtam Rongsu, shawl of the Santam tribe. There is red & yellow colored shawl for Angamis which is called Lohe.

Some of the other Naga shawls are - Kaksi nei, Silang nei, Tobu nei, Yimchunger, Aneak & Mokhok khim etc.

(Photo by Ritika Mittal)

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  1. Can any helpful soul out there guide me to where I can find sharp images of the shawls of the various Naga and Manipur shawls. It's for a project I am working on and would share all credit for photographs - and if there is a commercial angle, share the proceeds from them as well. Upon my word of honour.

  2. The State emporiums are a good bet

  3. @ Sannjay.... check out www.Paite Nampuan for some Manipuri shawls

  4. very good - it would be nice to see some photos of the shawls mentioned. I would also be interested in knowing which tribe the shawl that you have shown above comes from.

  5. The important thing to remember when wearing it is that it is the main color and any accessory that you wear with should only be used to complement your style.


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