Haflong - also known as Hill-Town, is the only hill station in Assam, India. The town is situated at an altitude of 680 m from the sea level. Haflong is famous for its scenic features comprising of azure blue hills, emerald green rivers, unique orchids such as Blue Vanda and rare species of birds.

It is a town and the headquarters of North Cachar Hills district. The place is famous for pera, pineapple and oranges. The hills of Haflong are also known for over two hundred thousand (2 lac) different types of flowers. Some of the places to visit in Haflong are the Orchid Garden, Borail Range, Maibong, Jatinga and the Haflong Lake which is one of the largest natural water bodies in Assam and situated in the heart of the town.

The main language of Haflong is Dimasa. And in Dimasa language, Haflong means 'White Ants Hillock'. The population of the district comprises various tribes & races like Dimasa, Kuki, Hmar, Hrangkhol, Biate, Zeme etc. who maintain their own dialect, culture, customs & usages.

Haflong is also famous for the 'Jatinga Birds Mystery'. Jatinga is a village located on a spur of the Haflong ridge. During a particular season, birds come to this area to "commit suicide". The unusual behavior of the birds seems to occur due to the peculiar weather conditions at Jatinga.

Haflong is often referred to as the land of blue hills. The beauty of the Haflong Lake, the orange orchards of Jatinga, the Hill Railway are all sights to experience in a life time. The major activities at Haflong are - Gliding, Para-gliding and Trekking.