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Mahadev Deka

Mahadev Deka
Mahadev Deka - is the 'First Assamese' to bag the Mr Universe title in the bantamweight category in the Muscle Mania competition held at Miami, Florida on 20th June, 2009. In 2008 he was the runner up of Musclemania Superbody world championship.

He took his first training from Manohar Aich in Kolkata in 1992 and won bronze at 'Bharar Kumar Championship' in Bangalore in the same year. He had a passion for arm wrestling that started more than two decades ago while studying engineering. Deka later turned into a body builder and won more than 15 regional and national titles in various competitions. He had also won the 'Mr North East India' in 2004.

Deka won the runners-up trophy for Musclemania in 2008 at Miami. Mahadeb Deka's first international exposure was at the Mr World championship 2005 in Germany and managed a semi-final berth. By profession he is an engineer.

In August 2002, Mahadev underwent an open heart surgery. Post-operation, he developed a lump in his chest. It was in 2001, while Deka was preparing for yet another Mr North East India title. He was advised an open-heart surgery to get it removed and so he took a break of three months. He also underwent chemotherapy. While in hospital, there were times when he was gripped by suicidal thoughts. But through self-motivation and confidence he led himself out of the bad situation. Deka was in Mumbai’s TATA Memorial Hospital in 2002 for his heart surgery.

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  1. dis is something really impressive...after so much of problem also mahadev did not give up...thats the spirit of a person who believes in himself...hats off to you mahadev....congrats for winning the title....keep it up

  2. good going.............deka da.........


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