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First in North-East India

Arunachal Pradesh
  • Late Tamik Dabi - is the first Matriculate from Arunachal Pradesh. (He did his matriculation from St. Edmund School, Shillong, in 1925.)
  • Shri Tedi Tana Tara - born on 1st April, 1945 in Selsamchi village, is the first Graduate and the First Administrative Officer of the Nyishi Community.
  • Dr. Joram Begi - born on 21 October, 1956 in Joram village, is the first Master Degree holder of the Nyishi Community.
  • Dr. Nabam Tadar Rikam - born on 15th March, 1973 in Taw village, is the first Ph.D degree holder of the Nyishi Community.
  • Shri Tai Nyori - is the first Ph.D degree holder among Galos and the second among Arunachalees.
  • Dr. Kartik Nishing - born on 21st August, 1956 in Papu valley of Seppa area, is the  first Doctor of the Nyishi Community.
  • Smt. Indra Mallo - born on 23rd May, 1973 in Arunachal Pradesh, is the first Lady IAS Officer of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Shri Tabom Bam - is the first Galo to be inducted as direct IAS.
  • Er. Taking Welly - born on 8th June, 1961 in Seppa village, East Kameng, is the first Chief Engineer of Nyishi Community.
  • Late Tadar Tang - born in 1945 in Dolo village, is the first Minister of Nyishi Community.
  • Shri Ratan Tama - born on 23rd September, 1946 in Rotom Village , is the first Raj Sabha member of Nyishi Community.
  • Late Nyari Welly - born in 1945 in Beyong village, is the first Lady MLA of Nyishi Community.
  • Smti. Niani Natung - born on 15th May, 1968, is the first Lady Minister of Nyishi Community.
  • Shri Nabam Tata - born on 7th January, 1958 in Komcho Taram village, is the first actor of Nyishi community. (He also acted in the hindi film - Meeri Dharam Meeri Maa).
  • Dr. Bengia Mala Khop - born on 1st August, 1964, is the first Actress of the nyishi community. (She also acted in the hindi film - Meeri Dharam Meeri Maa).
  • Dr. Bero Ado - is the first Galo and the first Arunachalee to be appointed as Director Animal Husbandry.
  • Shri Tago Basar - is the first Galo and first Arunachalee to become the Director of Agriculture.
  • Dr. Golek Yomcha - is the first Doctor of Galo community and the first Arunachalee to hold the post of Director Health service.
  • Miss Topi Basar -  is the first woman among Galos and in Arunachal Pradesh to complete LLM.
  • Late Jumke Bagra - is the first Arunachalee IPS officer.
  • Tine Mena - from Roing village, is the first Arunachalee and first Woman from North-East India to Conquer Mount Everest.
  • Sri Gumpe Rime - is the first Professional Footballer of Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Prafulla Chandra Baruah - born in 1899, is the first Assamese gramophone artist. He recorded the Assamese modern songs in the first gramophone record in Assamese in 1924.
  • Rajani Prabha - is the first Lady Doctor of Assam. (She was the younger sister of Chandraprabha Saikiani).
  • Lokopriyo Gopinath Bordoloi - born on 6th June, 1890, is the first Chief Minister of Assam (1938).
  • Dipankar Bhattacharjee - born on 1st February, 1972, is the first olympian from Assam.
  • Nabin Sarma - born on 1900 in Guwahati, is the first professional swimmer (sportsman) from Assam.
  • Nampui Jam Chonga - from Assam is the  first tribal IAS in Assam as well as India. (1954)
  • Late Jnanananda Sharma Pathak - is the first IPS officer from Assam.

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  1. North East India is less developed in India but still I love the way they respect their culture and are all loved by the whole world.

  2. Dr. Topi Basar is also the first Ph.D. in law from Arunachal Pradesh.

  3. Where are people of meghalaya?

  4. Where are people of meghalaya?

  5. where are all the states of NE?


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