The travel stories of Eric and Carla from Netherlands - cycling through Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Eric Schuijt and Carla Tete Hove in Arunachal Pradesh (photo -
Enthusiastic world cyclist Eric Schuijt and his companion Carla ven Tatenhove came all the way from Holland, Netherlands after being attracted to the beauty of India. The couple likes to travel around the world in cycles. Hence, when they heard about North eastern states of India, they planned a visit to the same. In 2010, for more than two months, the couple cycled through Aruachal Pradesh and Assam.

De Vakantiefietser or The Holiday Cyclist is an Amsterdam based bicycle shop that specializes in equipment for cycling holidays, set up and is run by Eric. Eric and his colleagues cycled more than 250,000 kilometers around the world. Eric published 7 books for cycling enthusiasts and hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers.

From the heebie-jeebies of Guwahati to the pristine Sela Pass; from the white hills of Tawang to the greens of Kaziranga - this is an adventure of a lifetime. Watch the entire experience of the duo in their three travel documentaries below.

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Cycling in North-East India - Part 1

Cycling in North-East India - Part 2

Cycling in North-East India - Part 3