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Kalpana Patowary releases the first music video from 'The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut' album

Kalpana Patowary

Assamese singer and songwriter Kalpana Patowary recently released her new album 'The Sacred Scriptures of Monikut' dedicated to the vaishnavite saint and social-religious reformer Mahapurush Srimanta Shankardeva and his deciple Sri Sri Madhabdev. Apart from Patowary herself, the album also features celebrated musicians like Trilok Gurtu, Rewben Mashangva, Angarag Papon Mahanta and Zubeen Garg.

The music video Hey Prano Bandhu is one of the songs from the album. The song is dedicated to the Madhupur Dham in Cooch Behar, the 400 year old relic built in the 16th century in honor of Srimanta Sankardev when he made his last journey to Cooch Behar in 1489.

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