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Cafe Umbir - a resort in Barapani near Shillong

Cafe Umbir Resort in Meghalaya (OK! North East)
Maintained by OK! North East, The Cafe Umbir Resort is a quiet destination for nature lovers. Little above from the Umiam Lake (Barapani Lake), towards NEPA, the resort is a place that is frequented for holidays and recreation. 75 Kms from Guwahati and 20 Kms from Shillong, it is situated in almost a noiseless destination mainly designed for people looking for serenity and peace. While the resort provides cottage and rooms, most preferable to travellers are the tents facing the Umiam Lake below. Amidst the pine trees, one can sit next to a bonfire and have some delicious roast or barbeque pork made by Sangma, the chef and the caretaker of the property.

One has to understand that this is not a hotel nor a fancy resort where all kinds of people can come and create nuisance. This place is mainly for travellers and not tourists who are looking for tranquillity of rural life.

Cafe Umbir Resort, Umiam, Meghalaya


The resort has rooms, cottages and tents.

The tents can accommodate upto a group of 20 people.

The small room with attached toilet above the restaurant can provide shelter for upto 2 people.

There are 4 cottages. Each cottage can accommodate upto 3 people and has a bed room with attached toilet with all amenities.


Sangma, the chef and all in all of the resort is an excellent cook. One can have various non-veg dishes including roast pork, chicken or beef and different home grown vegetable dishes. Chicken momo is quite popular. People can have food in the main restaurant or in the bamboo hut. One can also request Sangma to set up a table outdoor near the tent zone facing the Umiam Lake.

The package includes veg and non-veg breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks and beverages are available in the restaurant at all times. Some items from the food menu can be prepared on prior order and may take several hours to serve.


One can request for a bonfire for a minimal price.


Parking is available in the cafe.

How To Reach

Situated in Umbir in Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya, one can drive her/his own car or take a cab from Guwahati or Shillong to Cafe Umbir. It is opposite to St. Francis Bassisi school near Ri Kynjai resort in Barapani.

Address - Umbir, Ranikor Taluk, Ri Bhoi District, Opposite St. Francis Bassisi School, Umiam, India 277291


Tent per person per day (only stay) - Rs 700
Room per day (single person | breakfast complimentary) - Rs 2000
Cottages per day (upto 2 people) - Rs 2960
Cottages per day (upto 3 people) - Rs 3410

Swimming Pool

For guests and residents - Rs 250 per person for 1 hour (pre-booking only)
For guests and residents - Rs 450 for 2 guests for 1 hour (pre-booking only)
Four walk-ins and non-guests - Rs 300 per person for 1 hour (cash or pre booking)

Booking and Enquiry

For enquiry regarding availability please use one of the options below.

📞 (91) 75780 13817 | (91 99865 73253)

Please click here if you wish to use credit card.

Cafe Umbir near Umiam Lake

Tent space at Cafe Umbir (OK! North East)

at Cafe Umbir (OK! North East)

Swimming pool at Cafe Umbir Resort in Umiam, Meghalaya

Cottahges at Cafe Umbir (OK! North East)

Cafe Umbir in Umiam (Barapani), Meghalaya near Shillong (OK! North East)

Cafe Umbir Resort (OK! North East)

Swimming pool at Cafe Umbir Resort (OK! North East)

Cafe Umbir Resort (OK! North East)

Cafe Umbir Resort (OK! North East)

Cafe Umbir Resort (OK! North East)

Cafe Umbir - resort in Barapani, Meghalaya

The Cafe Umbir Resort is maintained by OK! North East.
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  3. What a beautiful camping trip! I can’t wait to bring this recipe next time I go camping, thanks for sharing! Beautiful blog too…love the name.It looks like you and your family had an amazing time enjoying camping resort.

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  5. I visited India August 2015, hope this year I will go to India again with my baby and wife. So we must visit this place Shillong as you said. And will write a review from my experience. Thanks for the sharing us.


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