Naga girl Temsutula Imsong has been praised by Varanasi for clean ghats

Temsutula Imsong moved to Varanasi & with a group of friends completely changed the look of several ghats along the Ganga. Imsong, who is from Nagaland, worked for days with her colleagues from NGO 'Sakaar' to manually clean the ghats that were full of garbage and excreta.

One of the objectives of Sakaar is to ensure all-round development of rural areas. Keeping this target in mind and affected by the filth she witnessed in Varanasi, Imsong decided to clean up the ghats.

The responsibility of the ghats has now shifted to the Municipal Corporation, but the efforts that Imsong and her team put in in these three years are not lost on the locals. Prime Minister Modi met Imsong twice when she began the cleaning and has applauded her work at Varanasi.

Gunjan, whose boat is anchored near the ghat, says, “We have never seen the ghats this clean. People would not even walk by earlier, let alone sit there. Now it is so clean that people come and sit around…”

Temsutula has now shifted her stream of work, and conducts workshops with students from class 6 to 12 in two schools, teaching them about waste generation and recycling. She is also working on enlisting families who compost at home and within a year itself, she aims at engaging 2,000 homes.

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Photo courtesy: Google (BW Businessworld,, LiveMint)

Photo courtesy: Google (BW Businessworld,, LiveMint)

Photo courtesy: Google (BW Businessworld,, LiveMint)

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