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OK! North East

OK North East Guesthouse (Rs 645)

OK North East Guest House in Pub Sarania, Chandmari
OK! North East guest house is very close to railway station & offers complimentary breakfast. Just below the Pub Sarania hill, the guesthouse offers peace & tranquility at all times. It's a home away from home. The guesthouse is close to the main centres of Guwahati, restaurants and public transport. You’ll love the place because of the ambiance, outdoors, serenity, neighborhood & accessibility.
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Aalohee Souk Homestay (Rs 670)

Aalohee Souk Homestay in Zoo Road
This is a 3 bedroom NON AC apartment above The Guwahati Address (Cafe Shillong) in Zoo Road Tinali. Easy to locate, the cozy Aalohee Souk Homestay is at prime location in Guwahati, just about 4.5 kms from the railway station & 28 kms from airport. There are cafes, pubs within 5 mins walking distance.
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Debojani Ashralaya Homestay (Rs 730)

Debojani Ashralaya Homestay in Forest Gate, Narangi
This homestay is mainly for travellers who are looking to spend some time with a loving family and taste some home made Assamese food. Althopugh the homestay is little outskirt from the center of the city (9 kms from the railway station), there are many restaurants nearby for people who would prefer to have food of their own preference.
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OK North East Riverview Homestay (Rs 940)

OK! North East Riverview Homestay in Uzan Bazaar
In the center of the city and on the banks of river Brahmaputra, the OK! North East Riverview Homestay is about 1.5 kms from the railway station. With complimentary breakfast and air conditioning, the homestay offers peace & tranquility at all times. It is a 3 bedroom apartment with AC installed in all the rooms along with attached bathroom, wall mounted TV, 2 living rooms with TV, 1 kitchen, 1 dining areas and 2 balconies.
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Barbarooah's Homestay (Rs 990)

Barbarooah's Homestay in Zoo Road
The Barbarooah's Homestay is one of the most beautiful houses in Guwahati. With a garden in front, guests will get a view of serene scenery from the balcony of the guest's room on the 1st floor. A room with AC, 2 beds & an attached bathroom with geyser & complimentary breakfast, the Homestay is located in one of the prime locations in Guwahati, just opposite to the Doordarshan Kendra in Zoo Road.
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OK North East Cottage (Rs 2500)

OK! North East Cottage in Amingaon
Quite close to the airport and with 360˚ mountain view, the OK! North East Cottage is one of the best cheap holiday rentals manages by OK! North East in Guwahati, Assam. The area provides wonderful breezes all through the house on a hot day. The cottage comes with a bedroom with AC, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and lot of open space.
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