These cute cartoons of different Naga couples will make you fall in love with Nagaland once more

Born on December 12, 1994, Keneisenuo S has been drawing and illustrating ever since she was a child. She's now a full time freelance illustrator and artist based in Bangalore. Hailing from Kohima, Nagaland, Kenei has always been fond of drawing realistic portraits as well as cartoons. She moved to Bangalore in 2011 to study Game art & design at Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation. She had worked as a graphic designer for over a year before starting her freelance career. Kenei is an e-sports enthusiast. She captained the first Ladies Dota 2 Team in India that was sponsored by Cooler Master. Below are few of her illustrations of Naga couples from different tribes of Nagaland showcasing their traditional attires.

A Konyak Couple of Nagaland

An Ao Couple of Nagaland

A Chakesang Couple of Nagaland

A Khiamniungan Couple of Nagaland

A Kuki Couple of Nagaland

A Lotha Couple of Nagaland

A Phom Couple of Nagaland

A Rengma Couple of Nagaland

A Sangtam Couple of Nagaland

A Sema or Sumi Couple of Nagaland

A Tangkhul Couple of Nagaland

A Yimchunger Couple of Nagaland

A Zeliang Couple of Nagaland

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