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Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2018
It's about to get a lot more festive in Meghalaya as India's biggest multi-kind music celebration heads to the flawless slopes of North-East India on Nov 2 and 3, 2018. Say hello to Bacardi NH7 Weekender season! Mark your calendars, save the date, cancel other plans, call your friends, tell your boss, start making plans, make your bookings, and get ready for the best weekend of the year! The happiest music festival is on its way❕


Dates: November 2 & 3, 2018
Venue: Wenfield - The Festive Hills, Thadlaskein, Meghalaya
Pre-sale is on with special prices for those under 21.


Poets of the Fall | Guthrie Govan | Switchfoot | Shankar Mahadevan: My Country, My Music | Pentagram | Zero | Avancer | Dualist Inquiry | Mohini Dey | Scribe | Tipriti Kharbangar and the Clansmen | Zubeen Garg's Tribute to Bhupen Hazarika | TM Krishna | Dossers Urge | Minute Of Decay | Sky Level | The Pirates | The Vinyl Records | Tiny Fingers | Dewdrops | Summersalt | Shadow and Light | The Kush Upadhyay Group | Fiddler's Green | Aarifah Rebello | Aditi Ramesh | Mahesh Raghunandan | Mali | Morning Mourning | Takar Nabam Trio | The Twin Effect | The Yellow Bucket | Whale In The Pond | Ritviz | Sandunes Live | LANDS | Komorebi | Ape Echoes | Kumail (Live) | adL x k.ly & The Other Soul Collective | Rain In Sahara

NH7 Weekender 2018 Meghalaya Lineup

Head to Shillong to catch amazing live performances by artists from India and around the world, a bustling market where you can get local finds, fashions and foods, fascinating (and oh-so-Instagrammable) art installations, and much more with an unmistakable vibe to boot! One great weekend, a lifetime of memories.

Meghalaya was added in 2015 to the NH7 Weekender's venue lineup. Following a humongous 3 years which saw the festival behemoth host the likes of Megadeth, Steven Wilson, Steve Vai and many other national and international acts.

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