Keyboardist Nupur Bordoloi with 90's Rock Band of Assam 'Dorian Platonic' | #Watch

Dorian Platonic (Nupur Bordoloi and Hridoy Goswami)
One of the pioneer Rock 'n' Roll bands of North-East India, 'Dorian Platonic' performing live at Don Bosco Auditorium, Ghuwahati, in 2003.


Vocals - Hridoy Goswami
Keyboard - Late Nupur Bordoloi
Guitar - Rajib Borbhuyan
Bass - Rajen Lama
Drums - Preetam Bhuyan

Dorian Platonic was one of the first and popular rock bands of Assam. They were the winner of IIT Mumbai Rock Fest 1993.

With this video, OK North East would like to pay tribute to one of the legendary keyboardists of Assam, Late Nupur Bordoloi. Bordoloi was suffering from blood cancer for few years before he died on March 22, 2008 due to the same illness. Bordoloi had been a gifted pianist who scored the music for several Assamese audio albums including the chart-buster Preyoshi, a number of Assamese serials and couple of Bodo films. Bordoloi attained commanding popularity with his mesmerising styles of playing the keyboard while using different parts of the body.