Papa's Farm in Umsning - a pet and eco-friendly, wellness resort near Shillong, Meghalaya

Papa's Farm by OK North East
Papa's Farm Resort by OK! North East
Sits on a 500-acre property, the Papa's Farm Resort by OK North East gives a peak of what true paradise is. The resort offers travelers a progressive journey toward wellness that is grounded in principles of sustainability, attainability, and possibility. Papa's Farm began its operation in 2018 making Umsning, a must visit place in Meghalaya.


Tents| Cottages | Tent-space

The resort has tents and cottages for people to stay. There is also tent-space for people with their own tents. There is a car parking inside the campus.

More info about the accommodations coming soon!

Papa's Farm by OK! North East


The resort was born in October, 2018, out of a desire to make wellness and herbal medicines more expansive and approachable to the next generation of travelers. Guests are encouraged to challenge themselves and to uncover their potential via wellness through oneness - the sustainable interconnection of the individual, community, and natural environment. Less structured – by design – than other resorts, Papa's Farm offers each guest the flexibility to create an impactful, immersive experience that best suits them; from devout students of yoga and meditation or alternate therapy who want to dive deeper to those who are simply curious in exploring that realm a bit more.

Papa's Farm Resort by OK! North East

Food & Restaurant

The farm has an outdoor restaurant for all headed by Mr Sangma, the head chef. The restaurant offers local traditional cuisines to regular Chinese and Indian dishes. Restaurant is also available to large groups who want to come and hang out in the resort.

Outdoor restaurant at Papa's Farm Resort

Learning About Local Culture

Papa's Farm has a staff who can help every traveller to connect with the local culture and tradition. A guest can spend time by learning about food, dances, music or pottery from local individuals. Every month, an event is held to connect the locals to the world. There are grocery and vegetable stalls, fruit stalls, local honey and beverage stalls where guests can get the taste of everything that is grown, cultivated or available in and around the village.

Trekking at Papa's Farm Resort


With immersive programming at the heart of the farm experience, guests can choose from an extensive selection of complimentary, wellness-driven activities offered regularly. With a river is flowing through the resort, guests can spend time taking a dip or just hang out at a private spot without any disturbance. There are enough forest and quiet areas where one can sit in serenity and meditate or do a bit of yoga. A fish pond is available for people to engage in fishing. Barbeque and bonfire is available on request. The resort is good for artists, writers and musicians too as the greenery and tranquility will give them the boost they require for creativity.

Private picnic spot at Papa's Farm by OK! North East

List of Activities

✔️ Barbeque
✔️ Bonfire
✔️ Fish pond
✔️ Fishing
✔️ Playground for Badminton, Football etc.
✔️ Yoga & meditation space
✔️ Walking in nature
✔️ Trekking through forest
✔️ Trekking
✔️ Riverside picnic
✔️ Swimming in the river
✔️ Morning walk through the village
✔️ Relaxing time with nature
✔️ Food & beverage stalls
✔️ Local honey & herbal medicine stall
✔️ Local vegetable and fruit stall
✔️ Pottery learning and weaving center.
✔️ Outdoor restaurant

...and lot more.


📞 (91) 75780 13817 📩


The resort is located near Kyrdemkulai village in Umsning, Meghalaya. It is just about 65 kms from Guwahati and around 30 kms from Shillong. The farm is just 5 kms from the Guwahati-Shillong highway at a pristine, peaceful place.

Papa's Farm by OK North East - a pet-friendly resort in Meghalaya