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She For Change presents SHE TALKS
Event: SHE TALKS | Guwahati Edition
Date: Sunday, January 6, 2019
Entry: Free
RSVP for Confirmation: www.goo.gl/forms/61yVd8qVtD7AvsxO2
Venue: OK North East, No 20, Nayan Nagar, Mathgharia No 1, Behind Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Guwahati - 26, India
Facebook Event Page: www.fb.com/events/591296504638079


SHE TALKS is a special meet-up for women to come together so that they find a safe space to not just speak up but listen to their own voice, find a support group, tell stories, inspire each other and realise their potential and their aspirations.

Most often we women knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously blend into a system that wants us to adjust and fit in and tend to lose our dreams. Our dreams becomes hazy and looks unattainable. We want to give a space to all those dreams and aspirations that lies deep within you.

About She For Change

Headed by Olivia Deka, She For Change works towards empowerment of Women Social Entrepreneurs to increase the impact of their work and to be able to become the bridge between women empowerment and social impact. The organisation believes in inspiring young girls to be able to join a cause of their interest in the social impact space and thus make a meaningful contribution to the society while developing their leadership skills.

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