Here is Brooke Bond Red Label's new ad featuring a girl from North-East India launching the landmark campaign #Unstereotype

Red Label's new ad featuring a Northeastern girl
It is a part of Brooke Bond Red Label’s landmark campaign- #Unstereotype and aims to break the stereotypes to foster a welcome culture of inclusion.

Brooke Bond Red Label, a tea brand from HUL, has launched an ad featuring a girl from Northeastern region of India. The film shows a girl from Meghalaya who went to visit a national monument, where the ticket counter staffer mistook her for a foreigner and asked for a passport. The girl then showed her Aadhaar card to him after which he finally realized that she is an Indian and asked whether she would like to have some tea.

The film definitely helps to break the clutter in the category as no other national level tea brand has featured actors from the Northeastern region and tried to touch this sensitive topic. It works like a surprise for the audiences.

The ad will definitely help the brand get a fresh energy in the northeastern region as it will be much shared and discussed across different platforms. It will immediately gain a high resonance to the brand and might lead to a better sales this quarter.