An adventure trip to Shergaon in Arunachal Pradesh - the mystical land of the Sherdukpens

A trip to Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh by OK! North East (photo: Prabal Gogoi)
In April, 2019, the team at OK North East took few guests to a mystical and resplendent village in Arunachal Pradesh called Shergaon for the first time. With rivers, streams, waterfalls, age-old monasteries, ruis, traditional village, more than 200 species of birds, and a very hospitable Sherdukpen community, Shergaon can be considered as a heaven for nature & peace lovers.

The guests stayed at our newly opened Red Berry Riverview Homestay - Shergaon with a lovely family who provided everyone with mouthwatering traditional food, and stories from the past.

We will soon be taking the next group to this transcendental village which can offer more than just peace and tranquility.

We are thankful to Gombu Tsering Thungon & Pentang Thungon for their selfless hospitality and love that they showered upon us & our guests. Many thanks to our team member and a professional photographer Prowall Gogoi for capturing some of the amazing moments from the trip.

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Photo © Prabal Gogoi & Jim Ankan Deka

Watch a short video of the trekking through the Choskorong forest & waterfall in Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh