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This group from Guwahati makes a stunning video to promote cycling as a sustainable option for travelling | Watch

WhackyTalky, a media agency based in Guwahati, has been documenting travel locations all over the Northeast of India for few years now. In order to promote cycling as a sustainable option for travelling, the have compiled a short video highlighting a few places from the Northeast while using cycling as their mode of transport.

The group started their tour in 2017, which began as a leisure trip to a nearby tourist destination with cycles from Spokehub. The trip turned into a learning experience for the group. They took cycling seriously and continued using cycles in most of their later trips.

Here is video of all of their trips which they took together with Spokehub, covering many places in North-east India. The journey took them from Assam to Meghalaya to Arunachal pradesh and many other places.

More about WhackyTalky here.

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