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Shergaon Village in Arunachal Pradesh
Shergaon Village in Arunachal Pradesh
Falls exactly in the middle of the Guwahati-Tawang Trans Himalaya Highway (a new highway), the village of Shergaon covers some magnificent forests and shares its boundary with the only protected area of Western Arunachal landscape (WAL) - the Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary. Little over 200 kms from Guwahati, and a drive of around 6 Hrs, the magnificent valley of Shergaon looks like a framed picture with high hills in the backdrop, a river flowing down through the valley, the house by the river, trees laden with fruits and gardens flush with flowers. If you are travelling to Arunachal Pradesh to experience the beauty and serenity, you should keep this village in your travel bucket-list.

The Village

Just around 20 kms from the Rupa Town and 40 kms from Bomdila towards Guwahati, Shergaon houses around 300 families of the Sherdukpen (or Shertukpen) tribe. Shergaon is one of the most beautiful mountain villages which offers some breathtaking scenery. Originally known as Shenthuk, Shergaon is tucked deep inside a beautiful valley sculpted by three rivers and surrounded by thick forests in the West Kameng district. The village is full of plum and kiwi trees, apple orchards and hills are brimmed with beautiful red rhododendron flowers from the late winter through to early summer. Depending on the time of your visit, you can pluck apples, walnut, chestnut, peach, cherry, pear, pomegranate and kiwi. Sherdukpens' varied levels of comfort with the forest is evident and they are absolutely at home in the forest. Shergaon has close to 150 varieties of bird species. The woods and forests near Shergaon are home to many species of amphibians, snakes & lizards, mammal species like Bear, Bengal Tiger, Clouded leopard, Red Panda, Arunachal Macaque, Gaur & endangered capped Langur.

The Trans Himalaya Highway through Shergaon Village

Sherdukpen People

A small friendly and hospitable tribe, divided into seven clans, the Sherdukpen are Buddhists and a tightly knit community. They have inhabited this mountainous region and lived in coexistence with the Monpas, Brokpas and Bugun ethnic groups. Sherdukpens speak the Sherdukpen dialect which is spoken by almost 4,000 people in Arunachal Pradesh and is now on the verge of extinction. The Sherdukpens have retained the traditional wooden kitchens even though most of the houses in the village are now concrete. The people of the village spend most of their life in the traditional kitchen more than any other room of the house, generally around fire. The mix of modernity and tradition is also visible inside the wooden kitchens with the traditional mud stove and an iron stove with a chimney drawing the smoke out of the kitchen imported from Bhutan along with a gas stove with an LPG cylinder. The Sherdukpen people are fond of homemade Yak and Mithun cheese. Their traditional dishes generally have the aroma of Churpi, a traditional cheese. The dish consisting of Churpi and Tingmo will just blow your mind. Shergaon village has higher literacy rate compared to the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Read more about the life and culture of Sherdukpen people here.


Shergaon sees all four seasons every year. Though it rarely snows, Shergaon hits sub-zero temperatures in winters.

Trekking through the Shergaon Village

What to Experience in Shergaon

Apart from the fruits, apple and kiwi orchards and traditional food, below are few things you should experience when you are staying in Shergaon. Please note: most of the below mentioned places are accessible with a guide and tough vehicles like Bolero or Jeep.

➡️ Picnic and taking a dip in the Choskhorong river.
➡️ Trekking through the Choskhorong forest through a beautiful waterfall.
➡️ A visit to the Lhagyala Gompa, a 7th century Monastery in Morshing village.
➡️ A visit to the Chillipam Gompa in Rupa Town, one of the most beautiful monasteries in the world.
➡️ A visit to the traditional heritage village of Shergaon.
➡️ A trip to the Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary.
➡️ 2 days of trekking to Nuchongthuk (Doimara village) and fishing in the river.
➡️ A trip to Nehchin Dombo Lahiri Kro, a pilgrimage site and a prayer place near Shergaon with natural caves, oaks and pine trees, and Rhododendrons and other orchids.
➡️ A day outing at State Horticulture Farm with 25-30 varieties of apples, peaches, plums, strawberrys, cherries, chestnuts, walnuts, persimmon fruits.
➡️ Trip to the religious sites near Shergaon - ✔️ Zengbu Gompa & Lower Gompa ✔️ Nehchin Dombo Lahiri kro (also a trekking route) ✔️ Jomo khungkhar ✔️ Sange Chepeme Gompa ✔️ Kaamcho Yaam or Thungi Gompa etc.
➡️ Visiting the Megalithic sites like - ✔️ Lungzukthung and ✔️ Kro.
➡️ Visiting the historical sites like ✔️ Zengbu zdong ✔️ Senzdong ✔️ Krasang Zdong ✔️ Morangmuzdong ✔️ Kaamcho yaam ✔️ Aneh Abu kheh etc.
➡️ Lastly, you should not miss the birding at Shergaon & Eagle Nest Forests.

The Choskhorong Forest in Shergaon

Birding at Shergaon and Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary

With over 150 varieties of bird species, waking up at Shergaon will be an experience of a lifetime. The sounds of different birds chirping all the time along with the sound of water hitting on the stones in the streams and river flowing next to the village, are few things you will never experience in a city.

Now, the Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, which is little more than an hour's drive from Shergaon, is considered amongst the topmost birding destinations in the World - a birding paradise (some species found nowhere else in the country) with the checklist growing faster than the expectations of the birding enthusiasts. Eagle's nest Wildlife Sanctuary is not only an exotic experience in birding but is also a photographer's delight. Pictures of some rare birds, butterflies and mammals can be quite exhilarating. More than 160 species of butterflies have been recorded at Eagle Nest so far.
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Red Berry Riverview Homestay by OK North East in Shergaon

Where to Stay

Red Berry Riverview Homestay by OK North East is one of the most ideal places to stay and experience the traditional life of the Sherdukpens. It is designed in traditional decor (a house made of wood and stone) and thronged by backpackers, bird-lovers and families. There are very few places to stay in Shergoan. Another homestay, the Lhazom's Homestay offers serenity and peace of mind to enrouting travellers. In both the homestays, traditional food is available for extra cost and with a prior notice.
To book contact 91 75780 13817.

Distance from

Guwahati to Shergaon - 231 kms
Tezpur to Shergaon - 186 kms
Bhalukpung to Shergaon - 129 kms
Shergaon to Dirang - 100 kms
Shergaon to Tawang - 230 kms
Shergaon to Bomdila - 60 kms
Shergaon to Rupa - 25 kms

Tourists in Shergaon

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