Discover the Hidden Gems of Nagaland: 10 Offbeat Places to Visit for a Unique Travel Experience

Nagaland (Photo: Vincent Belho/Pexels)
Nagaland, a mountainous state in Northeast India, is a land of diverse cultures and unique traditions. While the state is famous for its Hornbill Festival and vibrant tribal culture, it also has several hidden gems that are worth exploring. From the picturesque Dzukou Valley to the historic village of Khonoma, and the scenic district of Kiphire to the highest peak of Mount Saramati, there are many offbeat places in Nagaland that offer a unique travel experience. Other must-visit places include the traditional village of Tuophema, the music and dance hub of Mokokchung, and the serene Shilloi Lake. Exploring these hidden gems of Nagaland is a great way to discover the state's natural beauty and cultural diversity. Below are 10 offbeat places to visit in Nagaland for a unique travel experience.

Dzukou Valley: 

A picturesque valley known for its natural beauty and trekking opportunities.


A unique village situated on the border of India and Myanmar, where the residents have dual citizenship and share cultural ties with both countries. 

Tuophema Village: 

A traditional Naga village that offers visitors a glimpse into the region's culture and way of life. 


A town known for its vibrant music and dance scene, as well as its scenic beauty. Khonoma: A historic village known for its role in the Naga independence movement and its conservation efforts. 

Shilloi Lake: 

A beautiful lake located in the heart of the Naga hills, surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills. 


A scenic district known for its natural beauty, including waterfalls, hot springs, and trekking trails. 

Mount Saramati: 

The highest peak in Nagaland, known for its stunning views and challenging trekking routes. 


A historic town known for its ancient ruins and rich cultural heritage. 


A charming town known for its pleasant climate, scenic beauty, and rich cultural heritage.

The best way to reach Nagaland from any place is by air, as the state has its own airport in Dimapur. Alternatively, one can also take a train or drive to Dimapur, which is well-connected to major cities in India.