Tunetellers to Launch 'Kothare-Gannere Exondhya', a Delightful Experience of Poetry and Music

'Kothare-Gaanere Exondhya' by Tunetellers

The Tunetellers, a band from Guwahati, Assam, consisting of Rupam Bhuyan (singer and composer), Sasanka Samir (poet and actor), and Jim Ankan Deka (music producer), are excited to introduce a unique platform for those seeking a delightful experience of poetry and music. 

This initiative, called "Kothare-Gaanere Exondhya", will merge the two art forms to create a two-hour-long immersive experience. It is one of the first of its kind, and the Tunetellers are thrilled to host the inaugural session soon.

According to the Tunetellers, a good life is one that we create for ourselves, and "Kothare-Gannere Exondhya" is a step towards that goal. They plan to take this initiative to various locations, providing an evening of poetry and music for those who appreciate these art forms. 

In addition to the trio, the evenings will feature various musicians, lyricists, poets, and people in the field of art. The Tunetellers are committed to creating the best possible musical evening for all attendees. 

To organise the event in your town or for more information, contact 97070 14712.