Assamese Artist Debjani Hazarika Showcases Artistic Brilliance at The White Brunch

Debjani Hazarika at The White Brunch
Debjani Hazarika at The White Brunch

Guwahati's art scene came alive on August 27, with Debjani Hazarika of Purple Trope Art House showcasing her captivating artworks at The White Brunch event. Held at Nyx Lounge & Deck in Guwahati, this event provided Debjani and fellow caricature artist Gautom Tanti a platform to showcase their creative prowess.

The event featured an enchanting fashion show spotlighting clothing lines by Riki Boi Clothing, Good Ghost Inc. (owned by Rikesh Pegu and Barsha Rani Dowerah), and Gypsy Naari (by Rishika Khemani Sanganeria).

Attendees savored a diverse luncheon spread, making the event a delightful fusion of art, fashion, and culinary experiences, curated by Sajma Parvez, and attracting a turnout of over 200 people.

Debjani Hazarika, an artist and animator based in Guwahati, nurtured her artistic passion during her Animation & VFX studies in Bangalore. Founding Purple Trope Art House in Guwahati, she aimed to bolster artists in North East India. Debjani's involvement in various art and craft projects showcases her dedication to sustainability, environmental consciousness, and raising awareness about human issues through her art.