The Mystery of Moderate Demand: Why Talented Singers like Rupam Bhuyan Aren't Getting Invited to Bihu Functions

Rupam Bhuyan (photo: Kaushik Saikia)

The enigma of demand: unraveling the mystery behind moderate invitations for talented singers at Bihu shows in Assam.

As the Bihu season envelops Assam, a rhythmic pulse echoes through the air, stirring the soul of every Assamese. It's a time when music becomes the heart of celebrations, with Bihu conferences or 'functions' bustling with professional musicians eager to showcase their talent, hoping to earn recognition, practice, and a bit of fame.

Among the myriad of artists, one name stands out: Rupam Bhuyan. His life is music, his songs a melody that resonates deep within the hearts of his listeners. He's garnered prestigious national awards, including the coveted Filmfare Awards, and his popularity extends far beyond the borders of Assam.

Yet, amidst the accolades and admiration, there lies a perplexing question: If Rupam Bhuyan is as exceptional as everyone claims, why does his demand remain moderate during Bihu functions? Why is he not flooded with invitations like lesser talented counterparts?

Is it because he outshines his peers with his unparalleled talent? Or is it because his refined performances clash with the rowdiness and disorderly conduct often associated with Bihu celebrations? While Rupam Bhuyan serenades with soulful tunes, urging for appreciation of the art, others may prefer the chaos of dancing in mud and sand, disregarding the environment.

The same conundrum extends to other gifted singers like Aninandita Pal. Their voices resonate with purity, touching the hearts of all who listen, yet they too find themselves overlooked in the frenzy of Bihu invitations.

So, what lies at the heart of this enigma? Is it the clash between true artistry and the culture of spectacle? Or is it simply a matter of preference, where the masses gravitate towards the chaotic over the refined?

Perhaps, in the search for answers, we find a reflection of ourselves. Do we, as a society, truly value artistry and refinement, or are we drawn to the spectacle and disorderly conduct that often accompanies festivities?

As the Bihu season unfolds and the melodies fill the air, let us ponder these questions. For in the answers, we may uncover not only the mystery of demand but also a deeper understanding of our own cultural values and preferences.