Digital or Online Marketing Services of OK! North East

What is Digital Marketing?

When nearly half the world's population is wired to the internet today, technology's ever-permeating presence has improved even the most basic tasks for everyone, such as - booking a cab or ordering food from a restaurant or conducting any sort of commerce instantly and efficiently. A strategic digital or online marketing helps every company to appear organically in search results.

The 1st Step into Online Marketing

If you're serious about marketing yourself or your product or service on the web, you have to gain trust of the search engines. Time and great internet presence are the main factors to gain trust of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our media team works on methods which include organic link building, creating impressive content with anchor tags for websites, creating content for sites like Medium, Quora, LinkedIn and other publishing platforms, regular and proactive approach to social media and search engine optimization, which will eventually help a celebrity, company or a service provider to reach its target audience as well as gain traffic to a particular website.

The Digital Marketing Team @ OK! North East

The main motto of the digital marketing team at OK! North East is to drive more traffic to a client's website or blog or boost a company's visibility across a variety of online mediums. OK! North East has a team of creative and technical specialists as well as strategizers who take a holistic approach on targeting traffic generation and conversion optimization for the clients. Our expert internet marketers are working constantly to help every client reach visibility and penetrate the masses.

Our Services

Content Writing

✍️ Articles for print and digital media
✍️ Articles for Wikipedia
✍️ Articles for newspapers and magazines
✍️ Press releases

Websites and Blogs

πŸ’» Analytics
πŸ’» SEO
πŸ’» Creating interactive Blogs
πŸ’» HTML and CSS

Social Media Marketing

🌐 Creating and maintaining Facebook page
🌐 Creating Twitter handle
🌐 Creating Instagram profile
🌐 Creating LinkedIn profile
🌐 Creating Youtube channel

Digital Advertising

πŸ“’ Facebook page and updates boost
πŸ“’ Twitter ads
πŸ“’ Google ads
πŸ“’ Instagram ads

Art - Digital and Printing (in partnership with Purple Trope)

✔️ Poster design
✔️ Banner design
✔️ Logo design
✔️ Pamphlet design
✔️ Visiting card design
✔️ Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media cover arts

Content is the Main Key

Content has always been the king. Any online marketing strategy's fundamental principle should be to have unique, insightful and engaging content. One cannot excel in marketing himself or his company on the internet without having quality content. Creating exceptional content requires an extraordinary amount of work. Our team believes this thoroughly and work hard to build excellent content to engage and Convert your fans and community to customers and followers.

Are you looking to expand your business or need help in digital marketing? πŸ“ž 99865 73253 or 75780 13817 to have a chat or visit our studio for a cup of coffee. You can also write to and an online marketing expert will get in touch with you.