30 photos from North-East India that will make your jaw drop | #OKTravel

The Northeast of India is one of the most magical places on earth. It is considered a photographer’s paradise and every traveller’s dream. The winding roads, the foggy sunset, the rich animal life, the pure lakes, the greens of the rice fields and tea gardens, the snow and what not! This place is truly nature’s miracle! This Instagram account called Northeast India has some of the most magical pictures of this part of India. Check out these stunning pictures!

North East India

1. This snow beauty
Lachung lies near the border of Tibet and has been described as the “most picturesque village of Sikkim.” Also, it is situated at the confluence of two rivers. Imagine the beauty!
2. These neverending green valleys

Also famously known as the “Valley of flowers”, it is located on the border of Nagaland and Manipur. The legend has it that when lovers visit this place, the night turns to day and the moonlight shines as the sun. Such a charming legend!
3. It looks like a painting
Namdapha forest is located in Arunachal Pradesh near the border with Myanmar. It is also a treat for wildlife lovers as the Namdapha National Park is the third largest in India. It is also a home to snow leopards!
4. Don’t you feel like being there right about now?

This waterfall cave is in Mizoram and it is absolutely magical.
5. This delicate yet sturdy bridge
Boleng is a small town in Arunachal Pradesh which has many such bamboo bridges!
6. Northeast makes the autumn look one shade more picturesque
2,000 migratory birds have made Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam their home. Bird watchers, pack your bags and leave already!
7. Even the sun rays fall perfectly on this place
Sialsuk is a small, pretty village in Aizwal.
8. I would give anything to live here
9. Absolutely amazing
Loktak lake has the world’s only floating National Park. How cool is that?
10. These tricolour hues
Earlier, Tawang was a part of Tibet but I am glad we have this beautiful place to our country now. It is a great place for tourists!
11. OH MY GOD. This is heavenly!
Aizwal is a beautiful hill station with the majority of houses are built from timber.
12. Perfect poster picture
Assam, what we instantly think of are the tea gardens but what we don’t know is that the first oil well in Asia was drilled here!
13. This is so spectacular that even people with road sickness would want to be here
Silk road is an ancient network of roads connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. It was used to carry out the trade of silk among other commodities and hence the name. It began in the 2nd century B.C. and was the world’s first information superhighway!
14. Doesn’t it look surreal?
Loktak is the largest freshwater lake in the North East!
15. It has that misty charm
This splendid lake was originally a pasture which was transformed into a lake due to the earthquake of in 1971.
16. Such a great place to grow up in
This lush green village in Arunachal Pradesh is well known for its rice fields and pine hills. People in search of some peace, this is the best place!
17. The sky looks splendid
18. So picturesque
Imphal is a major tourist attraction due to various waterfalls, lakes and temples.
19. Assam in the monsoons is a dangerous place but also a sight to behold
Almost every year, Assam is under severe floods but the rains create a scenic beauty which is soothing.
20. The Hornbill festival celebrations in progress
This colourful festival which takes place in the first week of December is a week-long celebration by all the tribal communities in Nagaland and is organised by the Govt. of Nagaland.
21. I think no other place would compare to this beauty
Touphema village is specially built on the lines of Naga culture. The interior of the houses is typically like that of Nagaland so that tourists get a first-hand feel of this amazing culture!
22. Another addition to my bucket list!
This place which receives the highest rainfall in the world is blessed with breathtaking waterfalls.
23. This is ethereal
24. Such a beautiful click
Kaziranga National Park has two-thirds of the world’s great one horned Rhinoceroses! It is also a world heritage site.
25. Once again this enchanting beauty
Mizoram has one of the highest literacy rates and yet is also predominantly agriculture based.
26. Sure does look like a colour palette
27. The water is so translucent
This beautiful river lies on the India-Bangladesh border and the water is so blue and transparent that it is the purest thing you will see!
28. The natural root bridge
Nature is altogether just gorgeous in this place.
29. A peaceful day at the tea gardens
Tripura has only one national highway running through it which makes it isolated but its beauty has no bounds!
30. Such a striking picture!
Because the Darjeeling tea and the cold Kangchengunga peak makes this place so very cosy!
I know how you feel after looking at these pictures. Don’t even wait for anything and just leave already!
Source: Storypick