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Meet Mr Assam KUSHAL CHANGMAI who works for 13 hrs and manages to go to gym 6 kms away. Everyday!

Kushal Changmai - bodybuilder from Assam
Kushal Changmai is a body-builder since his college days and won several competitions. He was selected to represent India at the World Body-Building Championship at Koper in Slovenia on June 25, 2016. This was the first time when a tea executive from Assam had been selected to represent India in any international event. Yes, Changmai was working as a senior assistant manager at Gobindapur tea estate, one of the several gardens owned by the B&A Ltd, in Golaghat district then.

Changmai was born in Lakhimpur, Assam and later shifted to Golaghat to join a tea garden. Although Changmai started bodybuilding at a very young age, he had to give it up since life had been very hectic after he joined the tea industry in 2000. But he managed to find time after 10 years and started working out again in 2011. Two years later, Changmai won the Mr Assam title for two consecutive years - 2013 and 2014.

Changmai's day starts at 6am when he visits the garden and return home only at 7.30 in the evening with breaks for breakfast and lunch in between. After returning home he rests for an hour before hitting the gym which is about 6km from his garden. He believes the environment in the garden and tea had helped him with his bodybuilding immensely and also helped him to make it to the international level.

Changmai was the team manager of Assam team which was selected for the Senior National Body Building Championship for the Mr and Miss India titles held at Kolam, Kerala from March 6 to 8, 2015.

He is presently the advisor of Golaghat District Unit of All Assam Body Building Association.

It's not that the bodybuilder had put his entire effort in making his body and making tea had taken a back seat. Changmai had received the best performer of the company certificate continuously every year since he joined the B&A Limited in 2011.

Kushal Changmai with his wife

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  1. Yeah I know him.He hits gym regularly in our township.One of the most humble guys and really hardworking.Nice to see the post about him here.

  2. He is not only Mr Assam. He is also a 2014 Mr India gold Medalist. You should include this also. Thanks

  3. In spite of the fact that he couldn't get to the rec center as regularly, getting his exercise in and taking after the eating routine however much as could reasonably be expected will keep him from losing profitable muscle picks up while making undesirable fat gains.This thusly keeps him from getting additionally discouraged as he sees his body weaken. build muscle


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