'By The Way' gets a new makeover while it collaborates with Everything Outdoor, an adventure storehouse in Guwahati

By The Way and Everything Outdoor
Jubee D Baruah is an adventure aficionado but did not take it seriously until she met Amit Baruah, the founder and owner of By The Way, a trendy joint in Guwahati. Jubee, with help from Amit and his team at By The Way, came up with the idea of starting an adventure storehouse called Everything Outdoor.

Andrew Crouch's PhotoJubee D Baruah | Owner, Everything Outdoor NE

Jubee was working in the IT sector before she moved to Guwahati in 2014 and started travelling extensively throughout North-east India. She understood the need of an information centre about adventure activities especially happening in the North-east of India. The idea gave birth to Everything Outdoor. Although Everything Outdoor was started in 2016, the company was formally launched on June 9, 2017. A source of information and services for adventure travel and sports, Everything Outdoor has been conducting various events and activities like Cyclathon, camping in different locations in North-east, cycling and motor bike workshops, adventure tours for adults as well as children etc. Today, it is a storehouse of adventure and outdoor activities in Guwahati. With events and cycle rallies like Cyclathon, the company wants to create awareness about the benefits of cycling and its close relation with one's health. The company had sought to highlight various issues such as lack of cycling lanes, traffic snarls, haphazard parking, littering of public spaces and environmental pollution in the city through the rallies.

Andrew Crouch's PhotoAmit Baruah | Owner, By The Way

Amit Baruah did not know that he is an alchemist until he founded By The Way. He was in construction for 10 years and later worked in retail for few more years. He took up photography for a year before his interest was diverted towards food. One day, out of the blue, he picked up a few books on food and got hooked into it. He realized that there is more in food than just devouring the regular items in restaurants and home. Exactly at the same time one of his friends was selling his restaurant. Amit did not think much and purchased the restaurant. A new journey started in 2014 with the name 'By The Way'. Today Amit's friends as well as food lovers from all over Guwahati throng his restaurant for the amazing variety of food. The best part of the restaurant is, it not only serves the traditional food items, but also introduces new recipes time to time. Amit is a chef who can transform and create food through a seemingly magical process. The restaurant got a new look after it collaborated with Everything Outdoor in 2017.

Many celebrities and musicians like Angaraag Papon Mahanta, Zublee Baruah, Jim Ankan Deka have been extending their support for the causes and activities of Outdoor Everything. In an event organised by the company in Guwahati, Papon said,"I am glad to be with Everything Outdoor as this is the first initiative towards ecotourism and connecting the right people in the industry."

Everything Outdoor have been endorsed by different companies like Radient Distilleries, Southcoast foods, Mantraa Events, Purple Trope, MadMax, Jenie's Mascara, Eventours, 73 Production House and OK! North East.

By The Way and Everything Outdoor are situated at Hatigarh Chariali in Guwahati. Both Amit and Jubee are inspirations for the youth and they really help us believe that dreams can come true.