An exclusive screening of National Award winning film 'Haanduk' for Assamese film lovers in Bangalore

After receiving an overwhelming response to the exclusive screening of Bahniman at 'Director’s Cut with Biswajeet Bora', PR Entertainment is getting ready to host the exclusive screening of another latest National Award winning Assamese movie 'Haanduk' directed by Jaicheng Jai Dohutia in Bangalore. The event is powered by OK! North East and Bangalore based media house Music Malt.

Event: Screening of Assamese Feature Film 'Haanduk'
Date: July 8 (7 PM)
Venue: Gams Delicacy, Koramangala
Passes: +91 96639 11882 |

The story of 'Haanduk' centres around the problem of insurgency as a backdrop in the Moran region of Assam. Haanduk is a Moran word which means an unused place or dark corner of a house. The film stars Bandoi Chetia, Bishal Anuraag, Nivedita Baurah, and Jitu Moran among others.

The previous event, 'Director’s Cut with Biswajeet Bora', featured a candid Q&A sessions on filmmaking with the director, musical performances by various artists and the multiple screening of the movie over two consecutive days at the Nrityakshetra Kasturi Ranga Mandira in Bengaluru. The event saw a huge number of Assamese movie lovers attending the screening on both the days and that encouraged PR Entertainment to bring the next screening to the Assamese film lovers in Bangalore.

The Assamese film industry is almost 80-years-old and it has been the mirror of the Assamese society, progressing mindset, and ably reflects the culture of the community. The industry that commenced in 1953 has been able to produce thought-provoking as well as entertaining films years after years. The Assamese movie industry has produced some of the master film-makers especially Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Jahnu Barua who have been widely appreciated by movie lovers. Crisp story-telling, talented actors, relatable setup, and characters make Assamese movies an integral part of the culture of the state.

However, despite a glorifying past, the recent years have witnessed a drop of quality in Assamese movie making. The rising competition in the entertainment industry, lack of infrastructure and investment, failure to find a proper platform for promotion and reducing numbers of audiences have impacted the creativity in this industry leading to the production of sub-standard work. Though this industry is suffering from certain setbacks yet there are movie makers who are producing quality Assamese movies in an effort to revive the glorious past. *name of the movie to be screened* is another step towards this direction and it needs the support of the audience.

Established in early 2017, PR Entertainment is a Bangalore-based event management group which aims to promote regional films all across the major cities in India. The sole purpose of this group is to bridge the gap between the regional movies and those cine lovers who live away from their native land. As an added bonus the movies will reach out to a wider audience and in the process will gain better revenues and find a market outside of the native land. PR Entertainment also focuses on promoting new talent and showcases their work in and through digital media.

Haanduk by Jaicheng Jai Dohutia