Watch: Why toilet paper isn't our only option? For travellers who are planning to visit North East India | #OKTravel

Many countries including India don't use toilet paper on a regular basis. You might find toilet paper in most of the star category hotels, but water is something people love to use instead of toilet paper mostly. If you are planning to visit North-east of India, you have 2 options - either carry a good amount of toilet paper rolls or find out a better way to wipe off your butt.

Toilet paper doesn't actually clean anything. So, people here use water instead, to clean themselves up with the help of bidets, sprayers, washlets or tabos (traditional hygiene tool). They, then, air dry or pat down with a towel. Why? If you have poop on your arm, you would not just want to wipe it off. It just makes more sense to clean it with water, don't you think?

Using water can also be healthier. Toilet paper contains formaldehyde and bleach, which can irritate skin. People who use bidets or other form of cleaning butts have fewer urinary tract infections.

Going paperless is also great for the environment. Every year 15 million (15,000,000) trees are cut down just to wipe the butts. And it takes 37 gallons (140 litres) of water to make just one roll of toilet paper.

There's no reason not to try other ways than toilet paper to wipe your butt. Keep that butt clean!