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Assamese blockbuster 'Tumi Aahibaane' to be screened in Bangalore for Assamese movie lovers | #OKMovie

PR Entertainment India is planning for a special screening of Assamese blockbuster 'Tumi Aahibaane' in Bangalore for Assamese movie lovers on March 11, 2018. The film-buffs will get a chance to be up-close and personal with Assamese heartthrob Barsha Rani Bishaya, legendary singer and music director Tarali Sarma and director Prerana Barbarooah. The event will also witness a cultural evening with performances by singers and dancers from Assam and North East India.

Featuring Barsha Rani Bishaya, Ravi Sarma, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Nipon Goswami and Moonmi Phukan, Tumi Aahibaane was originally released on September 22, 2017 in the cinema halls in Assam and few other parts of India. The film is directed by Prerana Barbarooah and jointly produced by ASFFDC & Bibi Devi Barbarooah under the banner of Prerana Creations. The film has a total of eight songs which are composed by Tarali Sarma and sung by Zubeen Garg, Tarali Sarma, Akhu, Nilakshi Neog, Sushmita Changmai and Mrinal Baishnab.

As more emerging directors, producers and actors take to making quality, meaningful cinema, Assamese films are set for a revival. Recent works from Assamese directors, such as ‘Bahniman’, 'Doordarshan', 'Kothanodi' , 'Antaheen', 'Tumi Ahibane', 'Calendar', 'Haanduk' and many more have amply proved that Assamese cinema is far from dead.

Pankaj Rajkhowa, Co-founder of PR Entertainment India said, "Assamese audiences today are rediscovering something worthy of watching in cinema halls; and since its commencement in 2017, we at PR Entertainment India have been trying our best and hard to bring the good news to the mass who enthusiastically wait for the release of such movies which they are deprived of when these movies are not released in the mainstream cinema halls outside of Assam."

To be held at the auditorium of Bengalee Association, along with the events, the organisers will also arrange for refreshments for the guests. The event is powered by OK! North East in association with Purple Trope, ChaiTunes, Eastern Fare Foundation, Gams Delicacy, Clopers and SNN Builders.

Event: Special Screening of Tumi Aahibaane
Date: March 11, 2018
Time: 4 PM
Passes: Rs 350 (entry only)
Contact: 91 96639 11882

More info at:

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