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Day-outing and Picnic at Na La Ri Resort in Sumer, near Shillong, Meghalaya. Just 1.5 hrs drive from Guwahati.

Day Out and Picnic at Na La Ri Resort, Meghalaya
Day Out and Picnic at Na La Ri Resort
Entry: Rs 200 (per adult or child)
Booking: 📞 (91) 75780 13817 or (91) 80114 31817

Just about 75 kms from Guwahati and 25 kms from Shillong, the Na La Ri Eco Resort in Sumer starts day out and picnic at the resort premises as well as adjoining areas of Lawbyrwa Village. From taking a dip in the river to having a wonderful time at the two waterfalls nearby, anyone who has visited the resort once, will long to return again. Picnic at Na La Ri Resort can be arranged for a small family to large groups.

Na La Ri Resort

Picnic Activities

Fishing at in-house fish ponds
Nature Walks/Treks
Bird watching
River Angling
30 mins trek to two waterfalls
Picnics along the river side/Jungles
Children's Playpen
Barbecue and Bonfire

Umiam lake is just 8 kms away and there are numerous hills and jungles nearby for trekking and hiking.

Private picnic spots for guests of Na La Ri Resort


Rs 200 per person is necessary for a day-out or picnic at Na La Ri Resort. This includes -
All access to the resort
Complete picnic arrangements
Visiting the river for a dip, or river-side picnic
Visiting two waterfalls
Guide charges

Food and activity charges are extra.

Barbecue at Na La Ri Resort


The resort has dedicated cooks who can prepare mouth-watering veg or non-veg dishes according to the need of the guests. Guests can have food in the in-house restaurants or the staff will arrange it near the river at a private spot. The kitchen is not available to the guests.

Cottages and camping at Na La Ri Resort

Cottage for day-rest

Cottages can be arranged for the day-outing guests with prior notice and booking.
Large cottage - Rs 3200 (8 to 15 people can rest)
Small cottage - Rs 2000 (2 to 5 people can rest)

To book cottages for night-stay Click Here

Food and restaurants at Na La Ri Resort

What else to see and do

Besides local bird watching trails, responsible fishing and a mountain tour on foot or cycles, the Shillong Airport, the Shillong Peak, the Elephant Falls are close at hand.

Na La Ri Resort

Other things to note

This resort is in a village and life is slow down here. You might not find something easily here. But we will do our best to accommodate every request placed by you. Alcohol consumption is allowed but only inside the cottages. Booking of cottage is necessary for alcohol consumption. The resort does not sell alcohol.

Na La Ri Resort

To book your picnic spot at Na La Ri Resort, call 07578013817 or 08011431817. You can also write with your requirements to

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