Baghmora Winter Carnival: A Symphony of Adventure, Sport, Nature, and Music

Baghmora Winter Carnival
Baghmora Winter Carnival, Jorhat, Assam

In the heart of Assam, nestled along the Brahmaputra River, lies the enchanting Baghmora Village – home to an extraordinary celebration, the Baghmora Winter Carnival. What started as a visionary idea in 2016 has blossomed into a spectacular event that harmonizes adventure, tradition, and culture.

Origins and Vision

The brainchild of Adventure Destination, founded by adventurer Rishan Doley, the carnival is more than a festivity; it's a commitment to promoting a green economy for the indigenous families of Baghmora. The event is built on pillars of encouraging adventure sports, celebrating folklore, showcasing the Mising Tribe's rich traditions, and promoting eco-tourism.

Baghmora: Where Tradition Meets Tranquility

Baghmora Village, with its 75 Mising families, stands proudly near Jorhat, boasting a rich agricultural and cultural heritage. This resilient community finds its strength against the Brahmaputra, with the Molai Forest at its doorstep—a testament to Padmashree Jadav Payeng's dedication to environmental preservation.

Jadav Payeng: The Forest Man

Named the carnival's ambassador, Jadav Payeng's story resonates through the Molai Forest, a green haven he single-handedly nurtured. His association with the Baghmora Winter Carnival adds a powerful environmental voice to the festivities.

Highlights of the Carnival

The Baghmora Winter Carnival 2024 promises a diverse array of experiences. From the adventurous Sibuk bamboo raft journey on the Brahmaputra to traditional Dokdík walks and hand fishing, the carnival caters to every taste.

Thrilling Activities and Sports

For adrenaline seekers, the carnival offers ziplining, kayaking, hot air ballooning, motocross challenges, and trekking in the Jadav Payeng forest. Traditional activities like Dhan bondha and boating add a cultural touch.

Melodies in the Air

Live music is a soul-stirring component, featuring local artists and renowned figures from the industry like Joi Barua, Shankuraj Konwar, Maitrayee Patar, Bishrut Saikia, and Arupjyoti Baruah of Cultivators.

Culinary Delights

Food enthusiasts can indulge in the flavors of the Mising tribe with traditional dishes like Purang apin, Poro apong, and Namsíng, creating a delightful culinary journey.

Camping Under the Stars

Camping and bonfires along the riverbank offer a mesmerizing experience, as tents dot the landscape under a canopy of stars.

Art and Artists Showcase

The carnival actively supports traditional artists like Nilim Mahanta, Mino Patir, Nakul, and Nidhismita, featuring their works in a unique river-based art exhibition.

Gen Responsible: Youth Power

Baghmora's youth, proudly calling themselves Gen Responsible, actively engage in green projects, river cleaning, afforestation, and other initiatives benefiting nature.

For those eager to join this symphony of culture and nature, the 2024 Baghmora Winter Carnival awaits from Jan 5 to Jan 7. Contact (+91) 60059 20103 or email for more information. 

Embrace the spirit of Baghmora—a celebration that transcends festivity to embrace responsibility and harmony with nature.