Discovering Haflong: Assam's Enchanting Hill Station

Haflong, Assam (courtesy: Wikimedia)

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Assam, India, Haflong, affectionately known as Hill-Town, stands as the sole hill station in the region, offering a picturesque retreat at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level. Renowned for its breathtaking panoramas of azure blue hills, meandering emerald green rivers, and a diverse array of flora and fauna, Haflong captivates visitors with its natural splendor.

As the administrative headquarters of the North Cachar Hills district, Haflong boasts a rich agricultural landscape, celebrated for its delectable produce including pera, pineapple, and oranges. However, it's not just the bounty of the land that makes Haflong remarkable; the hills here are adorned with a staggering variety of over two hundred thousand different types of flowers, adding vibrant hues to the region's allure.

One of the highlights of Haflong is its Orchid Garden, offering a mesmerizing display of rare orchid species, including the coveted Blue Vanda. Adventurers and nature enthusiasts can explore the Borail Range, embark on a cultural journey to Maibong, or witness the tranquil beauty of the Haflong Lake, one of Assam's largest natural water bodies, nestled at the heart of the town.

The cultural tapestry of Haflong is as diverse as its landscape, with the Dimasa community predominantly inhabiting the area. In the Dimasa language, "Haflong" translates to 'White Ants Hillock,' paying homage to the region's unique topography. The district's population comprises various tribes and ethnic groups, each preserving their distinct dialects, traditions, and customs.

However, Haflong is not just a haven for natural wonders; it also harbors a fascinating enigma known as the 'Jatinga Birds Mystery.' In the village of Jatinga, perched on a spur of the Haflong ridge, an unusual phenomenon unfolds during certain seasons. Birds are drawn to the area, exhibiting perplexing behavior that appears to culminate in what locals refer to as "bird suicide," a phenomenon attributed to the peculiar weather conditions of Jatinga.

Revered as the 'land of blue hills,' Haflong offers a myriad of experiences for travelers seeking solace in nature's embrace. Whether marveling at the serene beauty of Haflong Lake, wandering through the orange orchards of Jatinga, or embarking on exhilarating adventures such as gliding, para-gliding, and trekking, Haflong promises an unforgettable sojourn amidst Assam's untamed wilderness.

- by OK North East